Saturday, September 12, 2020

3 days to sends your talks to Linux App Summit 2020!

Head to and talk about all those nice [Linux] Apps you're working on!

Call for paper ends in 3 days (September 15th)

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Flathub stats for KDE applications [that are part of the release service]

I just discovered that tells you the download (including updates) stats for a given flathub application.

Ran it over the KDE applicatitions that are part of the release service that we have in flathub.

The results are somewhat surprising:

Total:   22649 downloads in 8 days
Total:   16571 downloads in 9 days
Total:   16343 downloads in 9 days
Total:   15744 downloads in 9 days
Total:   15473 downloads in 9 days
Total:   15426 downloads in 9 days
Total:   15385 downloads in 9 days
Total:   15370 downloads in 9 days
Total:   15280 downloads in 9 days
Total:   15242 downloads in 9 days
Total:   15173 downloads in 9 days
Total:   15155 downloads in 9 days
Total:   15125 downloads in 9 days
Total:   15062 downloads in 9 days
Total:   15030 downloads in 9 days
Total:   14939 downloads in 9 days
Total:   14917 downloads in 9 days
Total:   14866 downloads in 9 days
Total:   14848 downloads in 9 days
Total:   14831 downloads in 9 days
Total:   14829 downloads in 9 days
Total:   14772 downloads in 9 days
Total:   14696 downloads in 9 days
Total:   14652 downloads in 9 days
Total:   3728 downloads in 458 days
Total:   2542 downloads in 9 days
Total:   2304 downloads in 3 days
Total:   1203 downloads in 8 days
Total:   880 downloads in 9 days
Total:   638 downloads in 9 days
Total:   571 downloads in 9 days
Total:   566 downloads in 3 days
Total:   387 downloads in 3 days
Total:   103 downloads in 9 days
Total:   84 downloads in 9 days
Total:   35 downloads in 9 days
Total:   23 downloads in 4 days
Total:   10 downloads in 3 days

kdenlive is the clear winner.

After that there's a compact block of games/edu apps that i think were/are part of the Endless default install and that shows, since after that the next app has like 6 times less downloads.

"New" (in the flathub sense) apps like lokalize or kcalc are the ones with less downloads, i guess people haven't seen them there yet.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Book your BoF for Akademy 2020 now!

BoF sessions are an integral part of Akademy, it's the "let's discuss and plan how to make things happen" oriented part after the more "this is what we've done" oriented part of the talks.

So go to and book a session to discuss with the rest of the community about something you're passionate! :)

Saturday, July 11, 2020

20.08 releases branches created

Make sure you commit anything you want to end up in the 20.08 releases to them

We're already past the dependency freeze.

The Feature Freeze and Beta is this Thursday 16 of July.

More interesting dates
    July 30, 2020: 20.08 RC (20.07.90) Tagging and Release
  August  6, 2020: 20.08 Tagging
  August 13, 2020: 20.08 Release


Thursday, June 11, 2020

20.08 releases schedule finalized

It is available at the usual place

Dependency freeze is in four weeks (July 9) and Feature Freeze a week after that, make sure you start finishing your stuff!

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Racism is bad - a Barcelona centered reflection

I hope most of people reading this will not find "Racism is bad" to be controversial.

The problem is even if most (i'd hope to say all) of us think racism is bad, some of us are still consciously or unconsciously racist.

I am not going to speak about the Black Lives Matters movement, because it's mostly USA centered (which is kind of far for me) and there's much better people to listen than me, so go and listen to them.

In this case I'm going to speak about the Romani/Roma/gypsies in Barcelona (and from what i can see in this Pew Research article, most of Europe).

Institutionalized hate against them is so deep that definition 2 of 6 in the Catalan dictionary for the Romani word (gitano) is "those that act egoistically and try deceive others" and definition 5 of 8 in the Spanish dictionary is "those that with wits and lies try to cheat someone in a particular matter"

Here it is "common" to hear people say "don't be a gitano" meaning to say "don't cheat/play me" and nobody bats an eye when hearing that phrase.

It's a fact that this "community" tends to live in ghettos and has a higher percent crime ratio. I've heard people that probably think themselves as non racist say "that's just the lifestyle they like".

SARCASM: Sure, people love living in unsafe neighbourhoods and crappy houses and risking going to jail just to be able to eat.

The thing is when 50% of the population has an unfavourable view of you just because of who your parents are, or your surname is, it's hard to get a [nice] job, a place to live outside the ghetto, etc.

So please, in addition to saying that you're not a racist (which is a good first step), try to actually not be racist too.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Send your talks for Akademy 2020 *now*

The Call for Participation is still open for two weeks more, but please make us a favour and send yours *now*.

This way we don't have to panic thinking if we are going to need to go chasing people or not, or if we're going to have too few or too many proposals.

Also if you ask the talks committee for review, we can review your talk early, give you feedback and improve it, so it's a win-win.

So head over to, find the submit link in the middle of that wall of text and click it ;)