Friday, October 14, 2011

KDE 15 years message from KDE España

KDE España decided to force me to record a video saying Happy Birthday to KDE. You can see it (in Spanish) at And do not forget we have talks in four different cities going on this afternoon!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Updating the N950 firmware

I just got a N950 like probably some other KDE contributors will be getting this week. Thanks Nokia!

I am writing this blog to bring two things into your attention:
* The firmware shipped is not the last one, you might want to download the new one.
* Updating the firmware failed for me with a "USB interface: Device or resource busy" error

To fix this problem I needed to run
while true; do modprobe -r cdc_phonet; done
in a separate terminal and then it all worked (note it takes around 20 minutes to update, be patient) (kudos to google for showing me the answer in an obscure irc log)

Moved from Berlios

This weekend we learnt that Berlios would be shutting down at the end of the year. I went over there and realized i had three things in Berlios:
* The webpage of your favorite geography learning tool KGeography
* The webpage of the ioslave that lets you access the pre-http "web" kio_gopher
* The code of the ROAM 3D viewer I coded for my Master Thesis r3v

For the KGeography and kio_gopher webpages I've chosed userbase, in case of KGeography reusing the existing one that was quite good and for kio_gopher creating a small one from scratch.

For r3v I've went with gitorious, not sure it is the best code hosting around but i just wanted a quick place to dump this coded i created in 2005 and i already had an account in gitorious :D