Sunday, October 30, 2005

I hate monarchy

This is just a rant and not KDE related, if you are reading this from the planet you can just skip it.

Well, the title says it all, i can not stand monarchy, those people that break the rules, "law is the same for everybody" they say, yeah, that's why there's someone out there that will be the ruler of my country just by having been born, i think i was not given that right when i was born.

My hate has always been big, but today there was the drop that made the glass full; the princess entered the hospital to give born to a new bloodsucker from Spanish monarchy and TV is making connections to the hospital each fives minutes just to report there are no news!!! Come on! I don't give a damn if he is born or not, but i could *try to understand* a connection if the new prince has been born, but just stopping a movie each 5 minutes to tell there's no news is just insane!

Viva la Rep├║blica!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's official, i've been unfair

When i said "Mandriva 2006.0 does not like KDE" i should have said "Mandriva 2006.0 does not like KDE enough to have a IMHO serious bug fixed before their official release".

People seem to have interpreted that Mandriva is anti-KDE and that is of course wrong.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's official, Mandriva 2006.0 does not like KDE

Why do you ask? Well the reason is, they have a bug in all their Qt/KDE programs that is not present if you use the original Qt library, so they are patching the library to work worse than the original one, great...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

KGeography and Tajik

Just got a nice mail from Roger Kovacs about the Tajik translation of KGeography Albert, Just wanted to share some positive events surrounding KGeography. Tajikistan is a small poor nation, somewhat isolated, and quite behind in technology. A small NGO in Dushanbe called Youth Opportunities, has formed a student Linux User Group called SDTLUG for School Days Tajik Linux User Group. These middle and high school students chose to translate KGeography as their primary project. So you will see the translations for "tg" growing in the next months. I don't want to flood your e-mail, but if you would like some photos of the students, I can send them along. For more information about Linux in Tajikistan you can look at (although Victor, the director of Youth Opportunities has just started to redo the web site - you can still take a look around.) I know the students will probably learn more about Geography from doing the translation work, than they would in class! In addition, some of the students in the LUG know Russian as their primary language, and they have contacted the Russian team and will be submitting translations to them to include in svn. Thanks for the great tool - it provides in so many ways! Roger Kovacs Thanks for that! I'm glad my program helps people :-)