Friday, May 20, 2005

Mad at bash

Something strange is happening with my shell, and it is bad because it makes kde configure fail, let's see if someone can help me and tell me why

x=`gcc -print-prog-name=ld`
echo $x
echo $y
if test $x = $y; then
echo equal
echo not equal

gives me this result

$ ./
not equal

I'm deseperate :-(

Update: I've fixed it now, it was a hack i did to colorgcc to make it work with unsermake that was making gcc return "strange" things. Thanks to all that ofered help both here and in #kde-devel

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

More on CIA

You may have noticed that the #kde-commits channel is working again as is listing the commits in the recent messages part. You may have noticed too that for example is not getting the kdebase messages, that is due to the script Dirk installed on the KDE subversion server is not the best cia people provide. The problem is that the best one needs regexps to know where each commit really went, so if you want this to work, please have a look at and get the correct regexps for each project and subproject. If you make it work do not hesitate to contact me or Dirk so we can try to make it work.

Monday, May 09, 2005


No, the intelligence agency is not messing with KDE, this blog is about CIA Open Source Notification System. It provides a web page and some bots like the one present at #kde-commits where you can dig info about commits of KDE and a zillion other different projects.

With the change to SVN the #kde-commits bot stopped working, i contacted the #cia guys and they said we were in our own, either we helped debuging the mail parser or installed one of the cia clients on our SVN server.

He wanted us to debug the mail parser because "I only added KDE mail parser to help CIA bootstrap (read get more exposure)", so i had a look at the mail parser and everything seemed fine, after all the SVN commit mails are 99.99% similar to the CVS ones. So as the CIA server itself was not working because they were rebuilding the DB i thought i'd wait and see if it worked.

Today it was clear the mail parser was not working (#kde-commits bot was still silent) so i entered #cia again and after some messages i saw

<CIA-9> micah * r8234 cia/mail/ (dot_procmailrc KDE's filter script no longer works properly. Remove it, since it's easier to just give up the special treatment and have them install a real client script.

So all the CIA and #kde-commits fans you better convince our admins to install the svn client if you still want to see that services work.

For me it has been clearly demostrated that we got used by CIA when they needed some exposure and now that they don't need us anymore nothing stops them to throwing us away, IMHO not a nice move.

UPDATE: Dirk fixed it, so thanks a lot, next time coolo says "no" i'll speak to you before making it a state afair :-D