Sunday, August 27, 2006

okular snapshot released

A few days ago you got the oportunity to play with the KDE 4 Krash snapshot release, now the okular team provides you with more Krashing experience. You can test okular, the multiformat viewer successor of kpdf. You are all free of sending comments to the team, but remember, a line of code is worth more than one hundred words, so join the party and help us supporting more formats or perfecting the existant ones!

You can get the tarball at KDE's ftp server.

Update: There seem to be some problems compiling the snapshot against latest qt-copy, have a look at this page to find how to solve it.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

FLOSS project survey

Today i got a mail from a person of a project i'm sort of collaborating about spreading a FLOSS survey a bit. I know you guys are a bit fed up with FLOSS surveys, but these people are serious, they already did a CVS
analsys of the KDE project
and published it! not as most surveys you see around that finally don't publish much, so if you have five free minutes do not keep them free and take the survey!

Friday, August 25, 2006

KMahjongg revamp

Just look at this new screenshot and compare it with the older one at

You can see that KMahjongg for KDE4 will be nice eh ;-)

So all of you go and thank Mauricio Piacentini for his cool work, now!

Friday, August 18, 2006


Today i finally finished HOMM5 :-) That means i have one adiction less to devote time to and that i would have more time for Free Software.

Only would because tomorrow i'm leaving for five days of holidays with my family.

About the game i'm only saying that it is as adictive as the previous Heroes of Might & Magic games even if it adds no new things at all. So if you like the previous versions you'll probably like this one.

Going back to Free Software, August is an interesting month because even most core developers try to take a holiday away from computers, the productivity does not get lower becasue we always get new blood like Will Entriken that is reworking/creating the Getting Started with KDE pages, a cool thing as that is a very frecuently asked question. Go Will!

Monday, August 07, 2006 says "The internet is mine", a Spanish ISP, has just thought the internet is of its property, as for now, each page you visit that does not exist, like will get you redirected to their search page if you are using their service, obviouly abusing from DNS power. They may argue this is to help the user as "maybe" in the search page they'll find what they really were looking for, but as i have experienced in real life it's nothing bug disturbing, as i typed (URL where i thought Dirk was doing his experiments for the new bugzilla) and ended in a page thinking "since when do we have hosting on pages?".

I've already sent them a mail asking for the removal of this service, if you are a user please do so too and let's see if we can get the internet to work again.

If you want to test the pain i feel use as your DNS server.