Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Okular 0.14 released!

KDE 4.8 just got released and that means Okular 0.14 also got released!

First of all I'd like to thank everyone that has done a git commit in the KDE 4.7 → KDE 4.8 trip, here the list in alphabetical order: Aaron Seigo, Aleix Pol, Christopher Reichert, Dario Freddi, David Faure, David Palacio, Elvis Stansvik, Frederik Schwarzer, Geoffry Song, Jiri Baum, Kevin Kofler, Martin Ueding, Michal Svec, Michel Ludwig, Mohammad Mahfuzur Rahman Mamun, Montel Laurent, Niels Ole Salscheider, Patrick von Reth, Philip Muskovac, Pino Toscano, Ralf Habacker, Stephen Anthony, Yuri Chornoivan.

That's more than 20 people! Awesome :-)

This release introduces new features like improved text selection in documents with columns, table selection tool, LaTex rendering in annotations, improved embedded support (for use in e.g. Kile), better layouting for facing pages, smarter screensaver/powermanagement handling, improved page label support, default zoom configuration, improved Landscape printing, etc.

You can find a non complete list of bugs and features in bugzilla.

And best of all there's already new features in the pipeline for the next release :-)

Let's keep the ball rolling!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Come Dine with Me and KDE 4.8

KDE is releasing 4.8 the 25th of January (if all goes well) and to celebrate that KDE EspaƱa is organizing two dinners, one in Madrid the 20th of January and another one in Barcelona the 27th of January. Coincidentally i happen to be on both cities on the dates the dinners happen so if you are around come and chat with other KDE people! More info at

Sunday, January 01, 2012

My top 10 blog posts of 2011

Top 10 blog entries with more visits in 2011 in my blog:
10 - Poppler 0.18.0 released
    Poppler's latest major release gets the last spot on the list, PDF greatness for all!

9 - Okular and Send by Mail
    Interesting discussion of where does a feature belong. Outcome: kparts will get plasma share-like-connect awareness and you'll be able to share (including sending by mail) stuff from there :-)

8 - Poppler for windows
    Poppler for windows, a classic in my top lists since I wrote that blog originally in 2006!

7 - My CPU fan does not speedup
    When the CPU melted i discovered why, there was too much dust in the fan... :-/

6 - Blinken: First KDE App on the Nokia Store?
    KDE starts conquering the N9 application space, KAlgebra followed soon

5 - XPS viewer for Linux
    Microsoft seems to be succeeding in forcing XPS down people's throat, i did not expect linux users to have a need for XPS viewing

4 - keyboard crazyness
    Somehow Google loves this blogpost and sends people searching for keyboard to it

3 - KDE SC 4.8 Release Schedule
    People wants to know when new awesomeness will be out. Answer: soon!

2 - N9 disappointment
    Wonder if people reaching this page understand my disappointment, the N9 is an awesome phone, it just it doesn't meet my free software expectations

1 - Beware of KDE 4.6.4
    We had a small slip when packaging KDE 4.6.4, people wanted to know about it