Saturday, December 20, 2014

New full changelogs for KDE Applications releases

With 14.12.0 we've introduced full changelogs for KDE Applications releases; you can see it at

To generate this changelog we diff from previous release to the released one and use the commit message with a few annotations for stuff like REVIEW: BUG: etc.

This means the world is now going to see your commits more so spend 3 seconds when writing them instead of 0.5 ;)

If someone wants to improve the page (I'd like to have a checkbox that shows only commits that fix bugs) please contact me :)

The code lives in the release-tools repo (this is probably my longest python script, so be gentle ;))

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

KDE End of Year Fundraising cards are being sent out!

We ordered some samples to make sure they looked good, and here they are here!

If you want some, we will send them to you as gift if you donate to the KDE End of Year 2014 Fundraising

P.S: If you made a donation that qualifies for a postcard gift before this monday and have not received an email from me asking which design and to which address you want the postcards sent please contact me at