Friday, July 21, 2006

New blood

New blood in the KDE world should be a good thing, but sometimes it is not.
Why? oh! Why?
you may ask.
It depends on how you use that new blood.

A very good way to use the new blood is Season of KDE. You get new developers, features that interest them and some mentor to help them if they find themselves lost. Almost sure a win situation. This way we are getting a person (Rafael Rodríguez) to try to fix the VERY SLOW rendering of patterns in okular.

Then there is the bad way, and sorry Jonathan, i know i kinda promised you not to bitch more about Rosetta, but i have to. That nice Translate This Application button is the worst executed idea ever. It redirects you to a page where people will translate applications for KUbuntu (potentially overriding real KDE translation) and people will not know they are not contributing to KDE, moreover this people probably won't know the style used for translations, so their translation will be totally out of the rest of translations.

The good implementation of that idea should have been putting that person in contact with the KDE translators team, but that would remove the KUbuntu coolness from the equation ...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Things to see in Morocco

This is completely FLOSS unrelated, you can skip it now if you are 100% geek ;-)

Ok, now that i've eliminated 100% geek people, let me ask one thing.

Which are the must see places in Morocco?

I'm going there a whole week in December with some friends but we do not know much about the country so i thought asking here, probably some of you have been in Morocco and have good suggestions on what we should visit.


Update: I'm back from Morocco, if you want to read about it go to this blog post

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Akademy hosting ends early!

Hi, this is just a reminder to all those people out there that want to come to aKademy but still have not registered. Last day to pay for aKademy hosting is JULY 23rd so you better get yourself to register and pay the hosting quickly or you will have to find accomodation by yourself if you register later.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thanks TSS!

What's TSS would 99.99% of you ask? It's short for Transport Simulation Systems, the company where i work, and why do i thank them?

Because they sending me to aKademy 2006 and paying trip and hosting. This is quite a nice thing for them to do as the only KDE related thing we do is developing with Qt :-) It's so strange Tink suggested they are tired of me and they are sending me a few days off, hope not!

So, remember, if you ever are in need of a Micro or Macro traffic simulator using Qt that is multiplatform and somewhat remotely helps KDE, have a look at

I suck

This is a follow up to the I rock blog from a few days ago, maybe with it, some people tought i am that kind of person that can only see his good points and thinks himself is perfect, just to make sure, i'm not that kind of person :-D

And why i suck? Well, today was my fourh fail trying to pass the driving test and i did get into contrary direction no less!!!

Well, at least i lasted a bit more than that poor girl that could not even start because she did not remember of disengaging the hand brake :-/

Well, five is a good number right?

Sunday, July 02, 2006


I'm #20. That is a quite high number given aKademy 2006 registrations started this morning :-)

See you in Dublin!