Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Changes in Okular printing for 4.12

Since today, Okular master (i.e. 4.12) respects the margins specified in the printer setup dialog (which default to the hard-margins of the printer). This means that I'll be able to print in my printer without getting cropped stuff; yes, my printer has a default hard-dead margin of 1.5 cm at the bottom and usually files contain stuff in that area.

If your document does already contains the margins, you can get the old behaviour by simply setting the margins to 0. Also hopefully you don't have a printer that is as bad as mine and your default margins are just 0,0,0,0

Sunday, October 27, 2013

KDEEdu sprint is over for me

I'm sitting at the Coruña airport waiting for my plane for Barcelona to leave. This means my three days at the KDEEdu Sprint 2013 are gone. It's been good to meet new people like Punit, get to know better people I had already met like Samikshan and meet old co-sprints like Sebastian and Andreas, and of course re-meeting my fellow KDE España friends Jose, Aleix and Santa. Sadly Oindrila could not make it due to visa problems :-(

In these three days we'd had time to talk about KDE Edu apps future on mobile, KF5 ports, libkdeedu splitting and lots of other stuff.

I tried to port Blinken over the BB10. Got stuck trying to compile stuff using cmake until I found KDE's own Laszlo Papp guide. Unfortunately other stuff got in the middle and I could not finish the port, but now I'm closer and if I can find a couple of free afternoons will probably have something in the BB10 store.

Unrelated to KDEEdu i finally got time to create a review request for a patch i worked a few weeks ago that will hopefully workaround one of the most hated crashes people are having in the KDE Plasma Desktop, let's see if that helps.

Finally, I'd like to thank GPUL and KDE e.V. for organizing and sponsoring the event. And specially thanks to Jose for his mad organizing skills, you're awesome :-)

KReversi master is now Qt Quick based!

Denis Kuplyakov worked on porting KReversi to QtQuick during this Google Summer of Code and his code has now been merged to master for the upcoming 4.12 release. The kdegames team has given the new code as much testing as we can, but it is a big re-work so it'd be great if you can give it a try and report any regression you may find compared to the old version.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dine with the KDE e.V. board

Next weekend (September 28-29) the KDE e.V. board is going to have an in-person board meeting in Berlin.

As part of the board meeting we'll have food (geeks need to eat too) and since we like talking to other people besides ourselves we’d like to invite KDE people to come to the board dinner on Saturday at 19:00 (location still undecided).

We can talk about all things KDE, KDE e.V., Free Software and maybe even have a good time ;-). Please let me know as soon as possible if you’re coming as space is limited.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

KNetwalk ported to QtQuick

Ashwin Rajeev has just commited his port of KNetwalk to use QtQuick to the master branch of the knetwalk git repository.

Ideally you should not notice any difference, but it would be awesome if you guys could give it a try and report to either Ashwin or to the kde-games-devel mailing list (if you do it here I'll try to pass the info, but I'm going to be off the web for a while so it may get lost when I come back and there's a ton of emails to read :D)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

KDE SC 4.12 Release Schedule

After discussions at kde-core-devel, Akademy and release-team you can find the release schedule for KDE SC 4.12 at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.12_Release_Schedule

The main change agreed by Release Team is that we have more simplified freezes (basically just one) and our betas/RC happen a bit more often (every week) so we have testers trying more up to date code. This also lead to a somewhat shorter cycle with a release mid December 2013.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Fixed: My Z10 automagically shutsdown at a random battery number (mine was around 33%)

Last week I hard a weird issue in which my Z10 was shutting down when the battery was around 33%, I thought the battery had gone wrong, but it seems the problem lies somewhere in the OS that gets confused, in my case i think it was because i pulled/put different batteries in a very short time span.

After some digging I found http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-z10-f254/blackberry-z10-shuts-down-30-battery-807279/index6.html#post8755531 that helped me make the OS "reset" according to battery handling.

Basically it boilds down to "make sure you really really run out of battery and it'll fix itself"

Adding here in case someone has the same issue.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

KDE 4.11 releases are around the corner. Let's cellebrate!

At KDE España we have started the ball rolling to cellebrate the release for 4.11 by starting the organization of the Barcelona event. Right now it feels pretty lonely at http://community.kde.org/Promo/Events/Release_Parties/4.11.

If you are interested in attending the Barcelona event don't hesitate voting at the doodle to decide the day!

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Okular: "fit best" zoom. Yes? No? How?

The Okular team is looking for your input regarding a potential "Fit Best" feature for zoom. Please visit http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=251&t=111777&sid=343334fa86e550d294793cf6a56e6ce5 and give us your opinion!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm going to Bilbao!

I will be in Bilbao from July 11th to 19th. I am going to be attending lots of different events

The first of the events is the Akademy-es, Akademy little sister that we've been celebrating since 2006, this year we have modified of usual schedule of making it happen in a weekend to accommodate for Akademy schedule, so it will run from Thursday to Friday. In Akademy-es I'll be talking of how Qt5 and KDE projects fit together and also about QML, QtQuick and the other declarative-y things you can find in Qt world.

Obviously I'll also be at Akademy, I've been attending each year since 2005 so I couldn't miss it :-) I'm looking forward to lots of the talks there, but specially the keynote by Kevin Ottens :-) I will be running for a position in the KDE e.V. board as announced in the kde-community mailing list a few weeks ago, wish me luck!

Qt Contributor Summit
On Monday and Tuesday we will have the Qt Contributor Summit running in parallel with Akademy. I will be there with my Canonical-hat making sure everything QML-y we need for the Ubuntu software we are writing in Qt is fine and dandy :-)

And incidentally from Thursday to Saturday there's Green Day, Depenche Mode, Kings of Leon, Biffy Clyro and a lot more of bands playing in Bilbao, so I could not miss them!

Rock on Bilbao!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

builds.kde.org tests report for 4.11 release - 11 June 2013

We are 2 days away from Beta 1 tag:
* kate has 1 test that fails
* kcalc has 1 test that fails
* kde-baseapps has 1 test that fails
* kde-runtime has 1 test that fails
* kdepim has 5 tests that fail
* kdepim-runtime has 1 test that fail
* kdepimlibs has 7 tests that fail
* knetwalk has 1 test that fails
* kopete has 2 tests that fail
* ksystemlog has 1 test that fails
* marble has 1 test that fails
* okteta has 1 test that fails

Everything else that belongs into the 4.11 release is green

Please fix your tests.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Akademy-es 2013 schedule ready!

As you probably know we are having Akademy-es 2013 just a few days earlier than Akademy in Bilbao, from 11th to 12th of July.

We have just made the schedule available. If you understand Spanish you may want to come to Bilbao a few days earlier to enjoy our talks :-)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Okular welcomes configurable review tools

I have just merged to master a branch by Fabio D'Urso that lets you configure the review tools that appear in the review bar.

This way you can decide that by default you want your highlighter to be green instead of yellow. Or even have two highlighters in the review bar.

Please test and enjoy it :-)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

4.11 Soft Feature Freeze in 7 days!

Remember the 4.11 Soft Feature Freeze is in 7 days so try to get your features ready for merging as soon as possible. If you add your features to the Feature Plan you get two weeks more until Hard Feature Freeze. Even if you don't need those two weeks you should add them anyway since it really helps other teams like promo, Q/A, etc. to have the features listed in one place.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

gs 9.07 can't render ps files on comma-locales [fixed]

Okular and other libspectre based PostScript viewers can't render some ps files when using a locale that uses , instead of . for decimals.

This happens because of a bug in ghostscript 9.07 that has now been fixed.

I'm not a huge fan of distro-patches myself, but in this case it may make sense to have one, so feel free to ping your distribution if you are a PostScript user.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Specifications: Correct when writing, Gentle when reading

I got a BlackBerry Z10 a few days ago.

I had not tried to use it as my main phone until yesterday since it needed a MicroSIM and i had a regular one.

Yesterday I got myself a MicroSIM and put it on the device to find out I could not access the 3G data network.

No problem, my operator has a website where you put the make and model of the phone and they send a SMS to the phone that autoconfigures it.
I went there and was surprised to see there was no BlackBerry listed at all.

OK, time to write the APN settings by hand, so I went to the Settings and started to look where to write the APN details, found them and realized they were disabled(greyed out) so I could not write the correct values.

After lots of searching I have come to understand that the phone obeys a indicator of the SIM that can say "I know how to connect to 3G data, no need to letting the user edit it" and when that happens, the BlackBerry Z10 happily complies and locks you out from editing them.

Problem is, my operator SIMs are wrong, they say "I know how to connect to 3G data, no need to letting the user edit it" and then provide wrong data.

And BOOM! I have a nice paperweight worth 600€

BlackBerry fan forums are full of people that say "BlackBerry is just doing what the spec says, blame your operator".

I say to them "I've used that SIM in Apple devices, Samsung devices and Nokia devices and had never any problem connecting to the Internet". Because the manufacturers were smart enough to let me edit the APN settings and write there the correct values if I wanted.

And this brings us to one of the mantras of engineering, be Correct when writing stuff but be Gentle when reading. It's good the BlackBerry browser is following that mantra, otherwise you'd hardly be able to render any webpage.

So people at BlackBerry, please come of your senses and let people edit stuff. This way maybe I'll get to use your device and people around me will see it and will want to buy one.

Otherwise I'll just wait until the Ubuntu Phone is a bit more usable and start using it. It may not be as polished (at the moment) but at least it's open source and I can fix crazy stuff like this.

Update: With BB I've been able to edit the field and now my 3G data works again

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

builds.kde.org tests report for 4.11 release - 15 April 2013

We are 59 days away from Beta 1:
* kate has 1 tests that fails
* kde-runtime has 1 test that fail
* kdelibs has 1 test that fails
* kdepim has 8 tests that fail
* kdepim-runtime has 21 tests that fails
* kdepimlibs has 14 tests that fails
* nepomuk-widgets has 1 test that fails
* okteta has 1 test that fails

Everything else that belongs into the 4.11 release is green

You can find the up-to-date info at jenkins http://build.kde.org/view/KDE%20SC%20master/

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Okular welcomes undo/redo for annotations

Thanks to the amazing work of Jon Mease Okular now has undo/redo for annotation editing in master. Give it a go, it's quite cool :)

Now let's see if we can get Jon to do the same for Form editing, everyone give him some love!

Monday, April 01, 2013

builds.kde.org tests report for 4.11 release - 1 April 2013

We are 73 days away from Beta 1:
* kate has 2 tests that fail (down 2-3 from 2 weeks ago)
* kde-runtime has 1-2 tests that fail (no change)
* kdelibs has 1 test that fails (up 1 from 2 weeks ago)
* kdepim has 7-8 tests that fail (stable from 2 weeks ago)
* kdepim-runtime has 19-22 tests that fail (up 0-3 from 2 weeks ago)
* kdepimlibs has 12-16 tests that fail (stable from 2 weeks ago)
* nepomuk-core has 1 test that fails (down 2 from 2 weeks ago)
* nepomuk-widgets has 1 test that fails (stable from 2 weeks ago)
* okteta has 1 test that fails (stable from 2 weeks ago)

Everything else that belongs into the 4.11 release is green

Monday, March 18, 2013

KDE Frameworks 5 day at Barcelona

This last Saturday, Alex Fiestas, Martin Klapetek, Miquel Canes, Aleix Pol and me spent the whole day acquainting ourselves with the KDE Frameworks 5 codebase and starting to work on some of the tasks described in the Qt 5.1 and kdelibs cleanup epics.

It was a great day but i still have to say I find myself a bit lost in Frameworks land, we'll have to repeat it soon to get more in the loop :-)

I'd like to thank Blue Systems for hosting us in their office in Barcelona.

builds.kde.org tests report for 4.11 release - 18 March 2013

We are 87 days away from Beta 1:
* kate has 4-5 tests that fail
* kde-runtime has 0-2 tests that fail
* kdepim has 7-8 tests that fail
* kdepim-runtime has 19 tests that fail
* kdepimlibs has 12-16 tests that fail
* nepomuk-core has 3 tests that fail
* nepomuk-widgets has 1 test that fails
* okteta has 1 test that fails

Everything else that belongs into the 4.11 release is green

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

KDE SC 4.11 Release Schedule

You can find it at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.11_Release_Schedule

There are two main changes agreed by Release Team against the previous releases:
* No specified time between Beta and RC tag and release. We will try to release them ASAP after the tag to make them as useful as possible
* No release with broken tests. We won't release if there are tests that do not pass in build.kde.org. So please start caring about tests that do not pass

Monday, February 18, 2013

KDE 4.10 Release Party in Barcelona

This Friday 22nd of February we are having the KDE 4.10 Release Party in Barcelona. Fill in the wiki or tell me if you want to come!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Process your reviewboards!

Our "All Review Requests" page in https://git.reviewboard.kde.org has 13 pages of reviews, when sorting by "Last Updated" you'll see that from page 1-6 are reviews that have been updated in the last month, 7-8 in the last two months, 9-12 in the last year and 13 in more than one year.

That's a *lot* of reviews that either where not reviewed at all or where not followed up.

Please, people, pay attention to reviews, if stuff needs to be improved (either if you are the submitter or the reviewer) do speak in a timely manner so we can get stuff commited as nicely as possible.

Let's make the world nicer and review other people's code when they ask for it :-)

Otherwise i'll start closing review requests as discarded because what's the point of having stuff there rot that probably doesn't even apply anymore? ;-)

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Unit testing KColorButton

Around two weeks ago, a bug about was reported in which Okular crashed when changing the color of highlighted text. After a bit of debugging i found that the bug was actually in kdelibs in the KColorButton class.

This is a class I had never looked internally so it was a bit hard to decide where to start looking for a fix. Then I decided to look at the git log and realized the last commit introduced by a fix for color selection not working correctly on double click.

I took my chances and saw that reverting that patch actually removed the crash, so now I knew where to look :-)

After a few minutes looking at the code i came up with a 3-line patch that fixed the crash and still made double click work correctly. I'm so awesome \o/

But that wasn't enough, I needed to *prove* I had fixed it, so i decided to create some tests, that was a bit harder since it involved "clicking" in buttons and stuff, but QTest to the rescue and a few hours later I had this nice unit test that will warn us if that breaks again :-)

So next time you fix a bug, unit test it! And don't complain it's graphical, that's no excuse!

And of course the tests run just fine in build.kde.org even if they show buttons/dialogs :-)

Monday, January 07, 2013

Okular git repo contributors in 2012

Thanks to:
- Aaron Seigo
- Albert Astals Cid
- Bogdan Cristea
- Burkhard Lück
- Christian Holme
- Dario Freddi
- David Faure
- Dirk Mueller
- Fabio D'Urso
- Guillermo A. Amaral B
- Ivan Čukić
- Jan Binder
- Jaydeep Solanki
- Jon Mease
- Jonathan Marten
- Luigi Toscano
- Mailson Menezes
- Marco Martin
- Mohammad Mahfuzur Rahman Mamun
- Parker Coates
- Patrick von Reth
- Pino Toscano
- Sandro Mani
- Sebastian Dörner
- T.C. Hollingsworth
- Thomas Etter
- Tobias Koenig
- Yuri Chornoivan
- Yury G. Kudryashov

That's 29 people, 1 more than 2011, so I guess we are doing a bit better ;-) Let's make this 2013 rock even more :-)

Of course sorry I'm not mentioning people that did bug reporting, bug triaging, promotion, translation and other bazillion of things that helped Okular but did not end up in a git contribution, I was lazy and getting the git names is very easy. Your help is also very much appreciated.