Monday, March 18, 2013

KDE Frameworks 5 day at Barcelona

This last Saturday, Alex Fiestas, Martin Klapetek, Miquel Canes, Aleix Pol and me spent the whole day acquainting ourselves with the KDE Frameworks 5 codebase and starting to work on some of the tasks described in the Qt 5.1 and kdelibs cleanup epics.

It was a great day but i still have to say I find myself a bit lost in Frameworks land, we'll have to repeat it soon to get more in the loop :-)

I'd like to thank Blue Systems for hosting us in their office in Barcelona. tests report for 4.11 release - 18 March 2013

We are 87 days away from Beta 1:
* kate has 4-5 tests that fail
* kde-runtime has 0-2 tests that fail
* kdepim has 7-8 tests that fail
* kdepim-runtime has 19 tests that fail
* kdepimlibs has 12-16 tests that fail
* nepomuk-core has 3 tests that fail
* nepomuk-widgets has 1 test that fails
* okteta has 1 test that fails

Everything else that belongs into the 4.11 release is green

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

KDE SC 4.11 Release Schedule

You can find it at

There are two main changes agreed by Release Team against the previous releases:
* No specified time between Beta and RC tag and release. We will try to release them ASAP after the tag to make them as useful as possible
* No release with broken tests. We won't release if there are tests that do not pass in So please start caring about tests that do not pass