Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Akademy-es 2010 videos available

Akademy-es 2010 talks are now available at

Talks are in Spanish (except one that is on Basque) so if you don't understand it, you are out of luck.

I hope that those of you that could not come enjoy the videos and maybe they convince you so you come next year ;-)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to run a file to create your .pot file

Some people regularly ask me how to create the .pot file of their program. They know the file is the key for it but they also realize that doing

cd /path/to/my/project

Does not really work and then they are a bit stalled.

The answer is quite simple, but you need to know it ;-) You have to run the script that lives in the l10n-kde4/scripts

That still will fail as the script tries to save the .pot files in a folder called "po", so all in all these are the commands to get the .pot file of your project

cd /path/to/my/project
mkdir po
bash /path/to/l10n-kde4/scripts/

And that's it :-)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

KDE 4.5 lunch in Madrid

After countless KDE release parties in Barcelona the KDE people in Madrid seem to have gotten their act together and are organizing a KDE 4.5 lunch release event in Madrid the 21st of August. Drop by and make sure you organize enough to make sure there's another one in 6 months ;-) an apology

Yesterday i had a look at the database and noticed there were about 300 people that had registered there in the past 4 years to help translating KDE and most probably had not been contacted.

Even if i didn't put the system into place, you guys need an apology, so here it comes: "We are sorry".

Besides saying "oh fuck!" i started mailing them all (some registered like 4 years ago) and this morning i've already got some answers.

Some had managed to overcome the blackhole of not getting any answer and actually contacted the translation team and were already alive and kicking. Good :-)

Some had moved to gnome and obviously are not interested in translating KDE anymore. Bad for us, there's no better way to keep an user that getting him involved

Some others had become KDE developers meanwhile :D

Some people still want to translate. Great!

Most of the address just bounced off though :-/ Lost contributors :-(

So remember if you add a way for people to contact a team, make sure it does not get lost and there is anyone looking at that mailing address, database, forum, mailing list or whatever.

And BTW i'm in the process of killing/reworking the database so this does not happen again.