Wednesday, July 18, 2007

No internet

Since Sunday night i'm without internet at home, so all you that are expecting replies and internet actions from me (Chusslove, Yukiko, Miquel...) please have some more patience, the ADSL company told me "We are working on it".

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Canon Ixus 850 (2)

So finally i got the Canon Ixus 850, it costed a bit less than 350€ and came with lots of extras (1GB memory, case, tripod and second battery). As far as i've been testing it i'm quite happy with it, quite fast when taking photos, quite good image quality and no problems using it with digikam. So that's it, i do not regret the buy, maybe it helps for others in the same situation.

Eclipse Europa can't use lineedits history

Yesterday i just installed the new Eclipse version at work and suddenly i realized i could not use up/down arrows to use lineedit's history. I filed a bug against their bugzilla that got closed as duplicate of a WONTFIX/NOTOURBUG bug :-(

Actually it seems the bug is on gtk but it quite astonishes me the fact that i'm using the same gtk i was and it worked on previous version of Eclipse.

So that forces us to ask the question: As a software developer, it's better to release a product that does not work and wait for the library we use to fix itself or should we workaround the bug as much as we can?

I'm not sure which one i'd pick with my developer hat, but as a user i tell you i want things to work :D

aKademy 2007 photos

aKademy 2007 was great! I did not blog as much as i wanted (actually i blogged 0 because was unaccessible from the aKademy network) so here come the photos i made as small substitution. They suck a bit, but i've never been a good photographer so please bare with me!