Saturday, December 24, 2005

Google Summer of Code T-Shirt

I just got my Google SoC T-Shirt, it's a nice black t-shirt with a small but good enough SoC logo on the front and Google's brand on one of the arms. Thanks Google for that gift :-)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kombination web page is on

Ok, after Berlios refused us, gna, as some people suggested, has accepted us. So we already have a project page, a home page (although a bit ugly ATM) and a mailing list. So come and join the fun!

Poppler 0.4.3 release is out

Well it's not a big release, but it fixes some security problems and some crashes so it is worth updating if you are using poppler. Grab it at

On the current *news* going all over the net, i think it's a good thing Linus uses KDE and promotes its use, on the other hand there is no need to insult the Gnomes as we are all friends, you know?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


First of all -- for not beign able of shipping a calendar from germany to spain without it getting lost/stealt/wathever

Then ++ for returning the money they charged me with such diligence.


Due to resource limitations we cannot support more games or game frameworks.

The BerliOS Crew

So they refused to host kombination web page, nice for them, thanks and bye, i'm not suggestion berlios as a sourceforge alternative to anyone anymore.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Poppler, Qt4, Windows and my desktop

Seems making poppler compile under Windows is not that difficult, mingw, some handfile editing of Makefiles and some luck gave me that

That is, an almost working poppler-qt4 test, if it not was because no fonts are rendered :-D So yes, all people that keep asking if poppler is portable to windows, it is, we just need you to do the fine tuning ;-)

Many will consider me a heretic for that kind of Windows work, but linux on my laptop suffered some problems lately due to having Mandriva Cooker installed and my main desktop machine seems to have died completely (had a kernel panic when i came back from seeing TV and it won't boot :-S)

Friday, December 02, 2005

Hello Planet Freedesktop!

To Planet KDE, i'm now member of Planet Freedesktop also ;-)

This is my presentation post for FreeDesktop planet readers. I work mainly on KDE, as maintainer of kpdf and some other apps, but i'm also an active developer on freedesktop cvs due to beign one of the main commiters to poppler cvs tree.

In Poppler related news i can tell that we have already merged the xpdf 3.01 changes in the tree, that mainly give us support for images with alpha channel and we are trying to get a new release, that will probably be qualified as "unstable", as there are quite heavy changes, to get some testing out there :-)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mozilla and their i18n problems

First of all note this is AFAIK and that i'm not a mozilla developer nor specialist nor user (only when i'm on windows that is not much).
You probably noted that yesterday Mozilla tried to eclipse our 3.5 release with Firefox 1.5 release, i thought, ok, i'll download it so my father can use it on its Windows machine, so there i go to to get the catalan version of Firefox 1.5 for Windows and wooops, it's not there :-/ So my father is forced to use the old 1.0.7 version.
Obviously i'm not requesting to have a fully 100% translated catalan version of Firefox when we don't have one in KDE ( but at least a 1.5 release reusing the strings from 1.0.7 would be enough as i'm almost sure most strings are the same, but Mozilla foundation has historically been a bit bad on the i18n side making translation teams provide the i18n'ed binaries instead of doing the build along the English binary and that cause that kind of problems.
I hope they can solve this issue with i18n as it's one of the strong points Free Software has.