Monday, August 27, 2007

Junior Jobs for KBackgammon

KBackgammon is KDE backgammon client. SHOCK!!!

It did not get as much love as other kde games for the KDE 4.0 release but we decided to keep for reasons that are not important now.

What is important is that i created 3 Junior Jobs for people that want to start with KDE 4 development and don't know where to.

If you want to have a look at them see:
Bug 149275: Enable antialias in KBackgammon
Bug 149276: Convert config dialogs to .ui files
Bug 149277: Remove engineSet usage

All three should be "fairly" straightforward even for a newcomer.

So get your brain ready and start coding.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Modern art is ...

... curious. Have a look at this photo from me at the Pompidou Center of Paris.

You have to have guts to tell people that's art.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

poppler 0.6 Release Candidate 2 released

Today i released poppler 0.5.91 aka 0.6 Release Candidate 2

Changes include:
- Various memory leaks fixed
- Compile with --enable-fixedpoint. Bug #11110
- Header cleanup
- Remove dependency on debugxml. Bug #11187
- Allow access to more document metadata in glib and qt4 frontends
- Several glib API frontend improvements
- Fix crash on accessing embedded files
- Build on Sun Force compiler
- Render '*' instead of the actual content in password form fields
- Fix pdftohtml complex output. Bug #9746 and #11610
- Windows build fixes
- Improve Japanese font support. Bug #11413
- Do not exit the program on files that confuse libjpeg
- Update required cairo version to 1.4
- Fix CVE-2007-3387

Testing, patches and bug reports welcome.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weird PS files needed

As you may know, i'm currently working on adding PS support to okular. It's currently more or less working, the problem is most files i have around here are result of a few programs "printing" to PS, so most of them are basically "the same in their internals" and thus are quite unuseful for testing. What i need are PS files with different page sizes, different page rotations, etc. the weirder the better. If you have or know where to get some of this kind of files, please mail me at with the details.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Let me begin with something everyone agrees with "All spanish ISP suck".
That said i have to suggest any spanish reader out there to avoid
I've been a ADSL user for two years now, and besides minor hiccups and their broken DNS servers i was fairly satisfied, but not anymore.
On July 16th, my internet connection stopped working, it is still not working, and their technical service as marked my incidence as WONTFIX. They have told me all is fine in their side and what i have to do is call the company that is providing them the service (they are mere resellers) and tell them to fix my problem.
WTF?¿? Why do i have to call that company i'm not paying anything for my connection. I'm paying for my connection and any normal people would think it's them who have to fix my problems. But well, i did call the other company, four times, and obviously they told me "hi Mr Astals you are not our client and we can't help you, sorry"
So i'm giving up from and just going to some other company to see if i have more luck.

On the Free Software side this means you won't have non-gui-blocking text search in Okular in less than two weeks (while i have done it for weeks) and that someone else will have to release poppler 0.5.9 RC2 (or wait until i get internet again)