Monday, September 24, 2012

Randa 2012: First Half of Awesomeness

Time passes fast when you are enjoying the great company and the great location that the Randa 2012 meeting provides.

It's been a busy time for me in the Education part of the meeting.

I've worked on the following items:



- Fix uninitialized memory use
- Fix memory leak
- Make molecule downloading more user friendly
- Let kalzium open molecules both from command line and from clicking in the file manager
- Look and feel improvements to the calculator


- Fix uninitialized memory use


- Fix uninitialized memory use


- Make it a bit more localization friendly (now we should not show images with text besides the KDE Edu logo)


Thanks to Ben we now have kdegames on jenkins, which made me fix some bugs there :)


- Make tests work without the game being installed


- Fix compilation when libkmahjongg is not installed in default folders


- Fix compilation when libkmahjongg is not installed in default folders


- Fix a bug with menubars when editing toolbars


- Regular tasks of moving files around

And of course this is just the things that resulted in commits, between the various random things I've helped people around with their questions that fall inside my area of expertise, for example helped Frederik Gladhorn integrate the KDE translation system on the Qt AT SPI project so we can provide an even more polished accessibility solution to our users and also "chaired" the KDE Edu discussions whose results you can find in the Notes links at

And finally to get some relax I've also contributed to the soluttion of the puzzle containing last year's group photo

And also got photographed for next years puzzle ;-)

Thanks all that donated to the pledgie and made Randa 2012 happen!

And now back to Awesomeness!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Trobadour knowledge about QImage

If you are using QImage::Format_RGB32 and the QImage constructor that takes uchar * data make sure your format is 0xffRRGGBB (i.e. the missing alpha channel is exactly 0xff) otherwise some operations won't work.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

KDE SC 4.10 Release Schedule

KDE SC 4.10 Release Schedule has just been made official. If everything goes to plan (and we have been able to keep with schedules quite good lately) we should be enjoying new 4.10 goodness by late January 2013.

By the way, Soft Feature Freeze is in 7 weeks!