Saturday, November 20, 2004

When bugs cannot be reproduced...

I hate it, you get a bugzilla mail saying someone have found a crash on the program you mantain, you go to bugzilla and see they have a way of reproduce the crash, open a document and kaboom, kpdf is dead. Then you download the documents, open them and ..... nothings happens :-S

What does that mean? I don't know, but that has already happened twice that week with bug 93352 and bug 93517.

Free Software community rules

This week i received another map for KGeography, that means 5 of the 9 available maps have been made by contributors different than me, which would be rather strange since the program is quite simple and not even finished, but it is not strange, why? Because Free Software community is big and active, so i get maps and translations to more than 10 different languages for my app.

To everyone that makes this possible.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Ei! My first blog ever in English and about KDE :=)

I will introduce me, my name is Albert Astals Cid, i suppose most of you don't know, but Spanish people have two surnames so Astals is my first surname and Cid my second one. My KDE login name is aacid and i usually hang on #kde-devel as TSDgeos.

My KDE related work has two sides, the first one is as a member of the Catalan (ca) translation team and the second one is as developer. As developer i am currently mantaining kpdf with help from Enrico Ros, also have some programs on kdenonbeta like kgeography, kfly and ktetrinet. Finally as annma usually says in her blog i like to help where i can.

As a news flash i'll say that the kpdf icon contest already has a winner and we're only waiting for the right time to announce it.