Monday, February 18, 2013

KDE 4.10 Release Party in Barcelona

This Friday 22nd of February we are having the KDE 4.10 Release Party in Barcelona. Fill in the wiki or tell me if you want to come!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Process your reviewboards!

Our "All Review Requests" page in has 13 pages of reviews, when sorting by "Last Updated" you'll see that from page 1-6 are reviews that have been updated in the last month, 7-8 in the last two months, 9-12 in the last year and 13 in more than one year.

That's a *lot* of reviews that either where not reviewed at all or where not followed up.

Please, people, pay attention to reviews, if stuff needs to be improved (either if you are the submitter or the reviewer) do speak in a timely manner so we can get stuff commited as nicely as possible.

Let's make the world nicer and review other people's code when they ask for it :-)

Otherwise i'll start closing review requests as discarded because what's the point of having stuff there rot that probably doesn't even apply anymore? ;-)

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Unit testing KColorButton

Around two weeks ago, a bug about was reported in which Okular crashed when changing the color of highlighted text. After a bit of debugging i found that the bug was actually in kdelibs in the KColorButton class.

This is a class I had never looked internally so it was a bit hard to decide where to start looking for a fix. Then I decided to look at the git log and realized the last commit introduced by a fix for color selection not working correctly on double click.

I took my chances and saw that reverting that patch actually removed the crash, so now I knew where to look :-)

After a few minutes looking at the code i came up with a 3-line patch that fixed the crash and still made double click work correctly. I'm so awesome \o/

But that wasn't enough, I needed to *prove* I had fixed it, so i decided to create some tests, that was a bit harder since it involved "clicking" in buttons and stuff, but QTest to the rescue and a few hours later I had this nice unit test that will warn us if that breaks again :-)

So next time you fix a bug, unit test it! And don't complain it's graphical, that's no excuse!

And of course the tests run just fine in even if they show buttons/dialogs :-)