Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm going to Bilbao!

I will be in Bilbao from July 11th to 19th. I am going to be attending lots of different events

The first of the events is the Akademy-es, Akademy little sister that we've been celebrating since 2006, this year we have modified of usual schedule of making it happen in a weekend to accommodate for Akademy schedule, so it will run from Thursday to Friday. In Akademy-es I'll be talking of how Qt5 and KDE projects fit together and also about QML, QtQuick and the other declarative-y things you can find in Qt world.

Obviously I'll also be at Akademy, I've been attending each year since 2005 so I couldn't miss it :-) I'm looking forward to lots of the talks there, but specially the keynote by Kevin Ottens :-) I will be running for a position in the KDE e.V. board as announced in the kde-community mailing list a few weeks ago, wish me luck!

Qt Contributor Summit
On Monday and Tuesday we will have the Qt Contributor Summit running in parallel with Akademy. I will be there with my Canonical-hat making sure everything QML-y we need for the Ubuntu software we are writing in Qt is fine and dandy :-)

And incidentally from Thursday to Saturday there's Green Day, Depenche Mode, Kings of Leon, Biffy Clyro and a lot more of bands playing in Bilbao, so I could not miss them!

Rock on Bilbao!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 tests report for 4.11 release - 11 June 2013

We are 2 days away from Beta 1 tag:
* kate has 1 test that fails
* kcalc has 1 test that fails
* kde-baseapps has 1 test that fails
* kde-runtime has 1 test that fails
* kdepim has 5 tests that fail
* kdepim-runtime has 1 test that fail
* kdepimlibs has 7 tests that fail
* knetwalk has 1 test that fails
* kopete has 2 tests that fail
* ksystemlog has 1 test that fails
* marble has 1 test that fails
* okteta has 1 test that fails

Everything else that belongs into the 4.11 release is green

Please fix your tests.