Sunday, November 30, 2008

Akademy-es 2008 recap

So it's already a week since Akademy-es 2008 ended. And i have to say it was a quite a success. We had around 60 attendants, 20 of them being from outside the region where the event was organized, maybe not highest total of attendants but for sure the highest number of "foreigner" attendants, attending from far shows commitment.

Some of the slides can be downloaded at the talks page and the videos will probably be available next week.

I want again to thank the local organizing team and our sponsors for making the event possible!

And now the photo, with few people because it was made late in the last day :(

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Don't buy a Labtec Standard Keyboard Plus

So my keyboard broke, the current one lasted for about two years, not bad.

As i'm quite special about the layout of keyboards i ended up buying a Labtec Standard Keyboard Plus, that is basically a cheap keyboard with the standard layout, but after having used it for less than 24 hours i've to say, DO NOT BUY it.

The keyboard has probably been tested by the slowest typer on earth, if i try to write KDE i always end up with KE or KD, the keyboard is unable to detect fast keypresses of SHIFT + D + E and that happens with a lot of combinations. What a shame, so let's see how i can explain that to the clerk of the shop to get my money back.