Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Changes in Okular printing for 4.12

Since today, Okular master (i.e. 4.12) respects the margins specified in the printer setup dialog (which default to the hard-margins of the printer). This means that I'll be able to print in my printer without getting cropped stuff; yes, my printer has a default hard-dead margin of 1.5 cm at the bottom and usually files contain stuff in that area.

If your document does already contains the margins, you can get the old behaviour by simply setting the margins to 0. Also hopefully you don't have a printer that is as bad as mine and your default margins are just 0,0,0,0

Sunday, October 27, 2013

KDEEdu sprint is over for me

I'm sitting at the Coruña airport waiting for my plane for Barcelona to leave. This means my three days at the KDEEdu Sprint 2013 are gone. It's been good to meet new people like Punit, get to know better people I had already met like Samikshan and meet old co-sprints like Sebastian and Andreas, and of course re-meeting my fellow KDE España friends Jose, Aleix and Santa. Sadly Oindrila could not make it due to visa problems :-(

In these three days we'd had time to talk about KDE Edu apps future on mobile, KF5 ports, libkdeedu splitting and lots of other stuff.

I tried to port Blinken over the BB10. Got stuck trying to compile stuff using cmake until I found KDE's own Laszlo Papp guide. Unfortunately other stuff got in the middle and I could not finish the port, but now I'm closer and if I can find a couple of free afternoons will probably have something in the BB10 store.

Unrelated to KDEEdu i finally got time to create a review request for a patch i worked a few weeks ago that will hopefully workaround one of the most hated crashes people are having in the KDE Plasma Desktop, let's see if that helps.

Finally, I'd like to thank GPUL and KDE e.V. for organizing and sponsoring the event. And specially thanks to Jose for his mad organizing skills, you're awesome :-)

KReversi master is now Qt Quick based!

Denis Kuplyakov worked on porting KReversi to QtQuick during this Google Summer of Code and his code has now been merged to master for the upcoming 4.12 release. The kdegames team has given the new code as much testing as we can, but it is a big re-work so it'd be great if you can give it a try and report any regression you may find compared to the old version.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013