Thursday, February 23, 2006

Font artist wanted

In blinKen we are using a font that simulates hand drawing to show status messages, the problem is that this font does not have some characters used by some languages so if you always wanted to learn how to use FontForge, now is your oportunity to learn it and do something nice with your artistic skills! Add that missing glyphs to steve font!

If you want to do it contact me for details.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ubuntu woes

Have a look at this bug

callgrind is not installable in lastest [K]Ubuntu stable version, and the bug is marked as rejected, how nice :-/

Catalan l10n team and Catalan government work together

Today it was announced that the KDE Catalan l10n team known as ( cat >> KDE ) will work together with TERMCAT, the organization that standarizes new words, usually technology related, in the Catalan language.

The exact collaboration terms are still not completed, but we will surely provide them access to the NX account we have on the OpenUsability server, so they can test the translations while we work on them.

So thanks also to Kurt and the OpenUsability team for providing us with access to that NX machine where the translators can have a look at how their translation will look in a given program, as that is often a program as they translate "unreleased" versions of the programs.

More info on (Catalan language)


I just became a member of MSF so i got some karma boost :-) To all people out there that always thought "it would be nice beign member of a NGO", don't think it anymore, just do it!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

What my work colleagues liked about KDE

Some weeks ago i installed KUbuntu at work to help improving the multi-OS behaviour of our Qt based product.

What is interesting is to know which things they have liked more about KDE, first are konqueror shortchuts gg: imdb: en2es: es2en:, second there is RSIBreak, they like that cute program that helps you avoid RSI, and third and finally they woed about ... kruler!!!

So for all those that say that those little "toys" are not good for KDE shut up, i got office people interested in KDE with all those small progams ;-)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

KDE meetings, Languages and Trolls

Well, if you have a look at Akademy-es 2006 meeting news item on the dot you will see it turned into completely off-topic discussion. Probably my fault, i'm sorry.

This does not means i regret of the comment i did as it is completely right IMHO, let's have a cold look at it.

A) Someone asks language of the meeting
B) Jason Harris says he guess it'll be Spanish as it is the language the wiki is in and also is a event specifically for Spanish people
C) Antonio Larrosa reanswers and says that yeah Spanish will be the main language of the event and that we hope to get people from catalan, basque and galicean translation teams, so that languages will probably be present in the event too. Nothing strange, i remember i spoke Spanish in some moments in the "real" Málaga Akademy with Spanish people and i'm sure some germans spoke german between them also.
D) Someone called Javier Marcet, comes and starts with "Oh my ****!!" + strange sentence about political nonsense that IMHO doesn't fit + "Absurd!", and then asks us to forbid the usage of any language not Spanish.

Sorry, but that is trolling, see it as you want, but people will talk in the language they fell more happy with, forcing people to use a specific language is BAD.

Does this mean i will speak in Catalan to another Catalan if i know there are 10 people around that do not understands us?

Obviously not, noone, nowhere, at any time of the history, as done that, because i will be more "happy" sacrifizing some part of my "speaking mother tongue happyness" to win some "happynes" by the fact that there is more people that understands me.

Obviously you have the right to flame me and disagree, this is all about speech freedom.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Which 64-bit distro?

Probably this week i'm buying a new PC with the dual core 64-bit AMD Processor. Any suggestion of which 64-bit distro is better?