Monday, July 27, 2009

Twice a FIBer

So after studying at Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB for short) last week i attended Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (FIB for short) so i can say i'm a double FIBer now. Bad jokes aside, i want to recommend anyone that has never attended a music festival yet to do so (if you remotely like the music played on it) being on one is an experience you have to live (singing a song together with 100K people is HUGE), maybe at the end you decide you don't want to repeat it, but i'm sure you won't regret being in at least one.


wcgrep is a script from the subversion dudes dfaure copied to kdesdk/scripts that greps ignoring .svn directories, you should be using it for your greps!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

KDE 4.3 Release Dinner at Barcelona

Following the tradition of doing release meetings the Barcelona KDE crew is meeting for dinner this friday (yeah damn the release team for postponing the release), if you want to join us head to FAST!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


So i had planned to do blogging each day but at the end there's too many interesting things going on at the same time to get time to write something down.

GCDS has already ended and i'm waiting at the Fataga hotel hacking area with other barcelona fellows until late as our plane leaves at 00:05 of tomorrow.

Let's try to summarize a whole week of GCDS :-D

I have some new gear now: Kubuntu, GCDS and KDAB tshirts and a Qt towel

Keynotes where rather interesting, RMS speech had as expected some Mono bashing, Sugar shown us a different way of having a Desktop Environment, Quim Gil told us that Maemo was switching to Qt as GUI toolkit and Robert Lefkowitz told us we use Free Software not because it's better, but because we are gentleman and he convinced me :D

Then we had the cross-desktop lighting talks that started with Frank Karlistech announcing Open-Pc project and followed with lots of other fast talks not really cross-desktop but one of each

Next day i attended some more so-called cross-desktop talks and sadly most of the focused only on one of the two projects, i think i managed to be quite equidistant in my poppler talk but maybe i wasn't :D

After day Akademy started with a nice keynote telling us that Free Software will save the world, we rock! Then we had the IDE battle with KDevelop and Qt Creator, Qt Creator requiring you to grant Nokia a commercial license so that they accept your code makes it the loser in my book. Then GAmaral talked us about KDE in Mexico and Knut introduced some students that had been working on Qt.

Nokia payed us a nice party that night in the harbour

Next day we had Akademy too, i attended talks about Qt graphic things, improving productivity, improving design and improving git for Qt and KDE.

After lunch, Sebastian did a keynote on our own future followed by dfaure telling us how to fix bugs faster and Olivier doing the same talk i had prepared for Akademy-es :D After that i switched to the Business track with Till, Nikolaj, Bart and Frank telling us how to win money with KDE.

And finally Akademy almost ended with the Akademy Award ceremony, with three of the key people in our community awarded.

The real Akademy ending was at the basysKom party

From there all turned even more crazy, with KDE eV assembly, ereslibre and antlarr saving Behdad from dead (well just leading him to the hospital), KDE España assembly, bofhs, Akademy-es (more on that on the dot shortly) a trip to the beach with a bug in the transportation system, having Behdad explaining me how font rendering works, discussing about poppler with lost of people and yet another party this time sponsored by Collabora.

All in all i think the GCDS was ok, though as always with this kind of events there were several things i did not like much like people being spread on lots of hotels, having one auditorium room outside the main building with too much time travel to the other, having the travel agency (Viajes El Corte Inglés sucks!) kind of scamming me, the University being too far away from the hotel and Akademy-es being eaten by a too much bigger event, on the other hand having the possibility to meet some gnome people i needed to talk to was a pleasant experience even if it made it a bit more difficult to start talking with people at parties because maybe you spoke with someone that did not have much in common with you.