Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Ei! My first blog ever in English and about KDE :=)

I will introduce me, my name is Albert Astals Cid, i suppose most of you don't know, but Spanish people have two surnames so Astals is my first surname and Cid my second one. My KDE login name is aacid and i usually hang on #kde-devel as TSDgeos.

My KDE related work has two sides, the first one is as a member of the Catalan (ca) translation team and the second one is as developer. As developer i am currently mantaining kpdf with help from Enrico Ros, also have some programs on kdenonbeta like kgeography, kfly and ktetrinet. Finally as annma usually says in her blog i like to help where i can.

As a news flash i'll say that the kpdf icon contest already has a winner and we're only waiting for the right time to announce it.

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Anonymous said...

First comment!!!
Hum... Congratullations (que diferent a felicitats) Albert!

edu (mwhahaha, i'm everywhere!)