Saturday, June 25, 2005

Testers wanted

The last few days i have been trying to decompose pdftk into a library plus a binary that uses it instead of a monolithic binary so that we can use that lib to implement wish #86787. I have almost finished but i would like that some testers tried the package to see if the autotools thing I've created works (pdftk was using hardcoded makefiles) and if pdftk binary i produce has the same behavior old one had (you have to be a previous pdftk user to know that ;))

The package can be downloaded from and to test it you need to do the usual

./configure --prefix /usr
make install

Keep in mind that --prefix /usr may not be the "right" place in your system and that make install will overwrite your old pdftk so backup it elsewhere

So please if you try it leave a comment saying the system you use and if it worked or not.

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Anonymous said...


I briefly tested your tarball, and compilation/installation went fine. (I installed to ${HOME} though). I never used pdftk before, so I dont know whether the behaviour changed, but it seems to do what it should do.

matthias.peinhardt (AT)