Wednesday, July 06, 2005

SkoleLinux conference

Today i have assisted to a SkoleLinux conference given as a talk of IV Jornades de Programari Lliure.

The talk has been given by Markus Gamenius, it has been quite informative about how SkoleLinux is being quite successful as there are already 200 schools from all around the world that use it. He has also commented that there is commercial support given for the distribution by four companies and that is hurting them because they are small and compete with theyselves and with the others (IBM, MS, etc) so they want to merge in a SkoleLinux Inc., a good move. He also has spoken of the pressions schools have by MS and from some people from the government not to ditch MS, nothing new, but it always surprises me when i see the corruption even advanced countries have.

In the KDE related side, he has explained that they choose KDE instead of gnome because the thin clients they use (LTSP) need 2MB when running KDE but 3 when running gnome, quite a win on our side :-). I also felt sad when he said that they were using KDE 2.2, as a side effect on being based on Debian stable, i feel the pain for they users :-/

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Samuel S. Weber said...

Well, now that debian has released a new version, skolelinux will probably upgrade too (KDE 3.3)