Friday, September 23, 2005

Some gaming

Lately i've been coding some Qt4/KDE4 small things, the first one is a clone of gtali (that is a yahtzee clone) called kiriki, it can be found at branches/work/kde4/playground/games/kiriki and it's [almost] done. Comments accepted :-)

The second one is a scrabble clone, that is going to be MUCH more difficult and i've been coding for it only 2 or 3 hours in total but i already have a nice board, thanks to Danny Allen of course, my colors where much uglier :-D

BTW i need a GOOD name for that, current working name is crossedwords but it's ugly IMHO


Mark said...

You could always call it "krossedwords". Or just plain "krossed".


Anonymous said...

What about sKrabble (to respect the KDE naming convention)

Albert Astals Cid said...

too similar to the original means law problems probably

LMCBoy said...

Sweet! I had actually started a Yahtzee clone myself (was going to call mine Kazee), so I'm really glad to see Kiriki. What do you think about giving it the cool dannya look that blinken and kanagram have? :)

The scrabble game looks great too. Did you decide what to do about checking if the player's word is legal? I'll definitely be following these apps.

Anonymous said...

For the scrabble game, you may be interested in JDuplicate ( The KDE client featured on the website seems abandoned (could not find any source code for it). I started one a while ago while learning PyQt but got distracted by other real life things and couldn't finish it. If you are interested I can send you what I've done.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Some other name ideas:

elbbarKs (or elbarKs or Elbarks)