Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's official, Mandriva 2006.0 does not like KDE

Why do you ask? Well the reason is, they have a bug in all their Qt/KDE programs that is not present if you use the original Qt library, so they are patching the library to work worse than the original one, great...


Anonymous said...


and i think about not's not realy bad.. KDE is for dayli working oky
and i see on the actuell cooker-kde nor realy a bug as worker.. oky,it's take many Ram for fast running kde-proggys not realy good.. but we dont have a bluescreen *gnhgnhharharhar* the best Tip for Mandriva is.. take the evolution and compile the the newest kde-sources fast and soon for using the best one if we can use.. greetings Blacky

p.s.: At moment.. grate work what you are do at the actual Mandriva-cooker ! Good Work developers ! Have a nice Day and manny fun ;)

Rafa said...

It seems like some things never change... muahahhaha

Anonymous said...

Have you checked how many upstream qt bugs *are* fixed by patches Mandriva has on qt? AFAIK, they probably all go upstream.

Maybe you would prefer to contribute constructively instead ...

Albert Astals Cid said...

Well, i don't care how many bugs you fix if you introduce new ones the overvall result is bad, i mean, i can stand things that did not work and still do not work, but if something worked i expect it to still work!

That's the reason why people hated kpdf released with KDE 3.4.2 released, i fixed 10 bugs but introduced 2, that sucks and i take my own shame for that.

BTW i do contribute to Mandriva and that's why i have a VIP MandrivaClub account.

illogic-al said...

Hey alberto, I do think this blog of yours is a) really unfair to Mandriva and b) higly defamatory.
This isn't that serious of a bug, you can still get work done simply by clicking on the button with your mouse. If you couldn't THEN this titled would be justified.
Secondly I use kpdf on 3.4.2 and I like it just fine, now I'm not a hardcore kpdf user (I just use it practically every day to read scientific journal articles and such) but I think it's great bug's notwithstanding.
You fixed 10 bugs and introduced 2, great. I don't see that as a problem unless the bugs you introduced were major. Seeing that I can use kpdf for my day to day acticities that's hardly true.
Same goes for mandriva (and no, i'm not a mandriva user)

Albert Astals Cid said...

a) Hi hate when people try to be kind and misspell my name, so don't call me Alberto, it is not my name, thanks.
b) it is a serious bug for me, i can use the mouse, but i have to move my hands out of the keyboard to do that and i lose productivity
c) Yes the bugs i introduced where major
c1) TOC is unusable as clicking on [+] crashes bug 110087
c2) Some documents do not open bug 110000
c3) Some documents misrender bug 110199

illogic-al said...

My mistake, Albert.