Thursday, March 30, 2006

New live in kde-edu and oKular

This week oKular port to KDE4 got some help from one of our of the kde-edu guys, Pino Toscano, that has been removing Qt3Support calls, improving the cmake support and such much needed things, thanks Pino!

On the edu side, David Saxton has been improving kmplot in the same way, making it more Qt4-ish at a rate of 1 commit each 4 hours :-D

I for one welcome our new overlords!


Anonymous said...

It's really important to plan carefully the rendering architecture. With Qt3 kpdf was designed to achieve the maximum speed when painting/compositing images (just try scrolling pdfs).
Qt4 brings a lot new functionalities that will come really useful (such as the qimage raste, or allowing saving the qpixmap alloc/qimage conv!!)! But at the same time the double buffering and the whole backing storage thing will slow down things. That must be taken into account when designing the pipelin e.

Albert Astals Cid said...

Well eros, we are waiting for you to come back ;-)