Sunday, May 07, 2006

You know you're a freak...

... when you go to the annual party of your computer science university (FIB/UPC) and there's a giant poster that says

FestaFib 2006
lol omg wtf rtfm

and you are the only person among your friends that know what the second line means.

On the kpdf/oKular/poppler side i've been porting code from kpdf/oKular to the poppler-qt4 frontend lately and almost have a full port of oKular to use the poppler-qt4 frontend. After that i'll svn rm kdegraphics/kpdf and focus on trying to improve oKular to live to everyone's expectations.


Mike Arthur said...

Dude, I'm worried for your university, if people don't know basic Computer Science abbreviations like "RTFM". Are they letting non-geeks to Computer Science?

Whats the world coming to? ;)

Anonymous said...

Yep... and even worse... if they don't know what 'lol omg wtf ' mean, they don't even have played Counter-Strike :P

Anonymous said...

But please change the oKular name to something sensible. Or at least change that capital 'K' in the middle of the name, it's really ridiculous and strange for such a good app.