Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good riddance xpdfrc

Today has been a good day for poppler, there was a VERY interesting change related to a nice feature, but i'll leave Pino blog about it, so check out his blog!

My change was a minor one but well worth, i finally made poppler not to depend on a installed xpdfrc file, that dependance was there because our roots on xpdf, but it was silly to have it, as why should okular pdf rendering be affected by a file called xpdfrc?

Also Rajeev J Sebastian (insanekane) started pypoppler-qt4 hosted at the svn of our Pardus friends.

Finally let me thank Google for his SoC program as the interesting thing Pino will be blogging about was partially done under their program by Julien Rebetez.

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Anonymous said...

Why... I think showing your heritage is a nice thing :-)

For instance, all programs should have a commented-out block in their main() function showing that they are derived from the original "Hello, World" program.

But some Unix heritages still show till this day. For instance, logins still recognise terminals without lowercase letters. Try logging in with an all-capitals username and see what I mean :-)