Tuesday, May 08, 2007

KTuberling SVG

You may have read the list of games not making the cut for KDE 4.0 at Johann's blog. KTuberling was in the position of "We all love (or have relatives that love it) it but nobody is working on it".

So i got up my mind and started coding the SVG port, in two days i already had it working, with exception of text, everyone that has tried to draw text in Qt, knows is not so easy as it might seem, but i hope to get it working in less than a week.

Mandatory screenshot:

I have not made any optimization attempt and it works quite snappy on my machine, but it is a fast machine so if anyone with a slower machine could test it and give me his opinion i'd be happy.

Of course any comment is welcome (except "You should be working on something more important")


Anonymous said...

Nice. My boy (4 years) likes KTuberling.
One thing that is impossible for small children is drag&drop.

Tuxpaint has an interface which is better for small children. Click to select, drag, click to drop but I guess it is a lot of work to adapt it to KDE.

One feature that should be possible with svg is printing the final image with only the outline so children can then colour it themselves.


Anonymous said...


'nuff said

Albert Astals Cid said...

@anonymous 1: I also did Click + move + click, you no longer have to press + move + release.

I'll check how easy is to do the outline thing.

Anonymous said...

Work on something more important??? KTuberling is the most important app in KDE!

Thanks for working on this from my daughter Shailaja (age 5)

Anonymous said...

As above.. my 3 year old loves the old one.. please keep it, and yes.. update it :)

Anonymous said...

My daughter (3 years) loves ktuberling since lot of months ago. Its not difficult for a 3 years child move the mouse, drag and drop.
im trying to get ktuberling themes i found on
h t t p : \ \ websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdegames/ktuberling/ but got some problems with layout.xml :(

Albert Astals Cid said...

You need KDE 4 version of KTuberling to use KDE 4 themes.