Saturday, September 22, 2007

New KTuberling playground and looking for a description

Thanks to Jocelyn Etienne KTuberling in KDE 4.0 will feature another nice playground

Besides, the other day, Robert Knight, our konsole overlord warned me that normal menu users, current name of the game is "Potato Guy" and the description is "Game for Children". First is actually wrong because of this new playground and second is really really precise, eh ;-)

So i'm open to any suggestion for both name and description.


Anonymous said...

I think:

Kids in that age should not play on the computer, it is detrimental to their development. There are quite a few studies stronlgy correlating computer/tv/dvd-use to autism, "attention disorders" and other learning deficiencies.

I know that my opinion is not what you asked for, but I could not refrain, as I hardly see anyone thinking about this nowadays.

At least you don't shoot at things/people in KTuberling :)

Kevin said...

How about Collage?

Louis said...

How about Kolorforms?!

Of course, I'm not sure about the legal stuff, but that's what the game reminds me of.

Chani said...

hmm. well, it seems to be more a kids' image creator than a game... an image creator using clipart.

...I can't come up with any name suggestions. darn.

Tboxmy said...

If you know how I can get info to create more playgrounds, please share.

I am search for more info on Ktuberlings but have very little info on how I can expand it

Albert Astals Cid said...

@tboxmy: Read the themes howto