Thursday, January 03, 2008

libspectre 0.2.0 now available

A new libspectre release is now available from

That means more work for when KDE 4.1 branch opens, damn!

Changes since libspectre 0.1.0

API additions:

- Rendering unstructured documents: it's a bit confusing calling
get_page for a document with no pages. The following functions has
been added for rendering unstructured documents:

* spectre_document_render
* spectre_document_render_full
* spectre_document_get_page_size

- Tile rendering: spectre_page_render_slice has been added to allow
rendering rectangles of the page. (Bug #13754)

API changes:

- spectre_render_context_set_page_size determines the size of the
output image, but it doesn't affect the scale factor anymore.

- spectre_render_context_[set|get]_scale now require the scale factor for
both the X and Y dimensions.

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