Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dissappointed with SoC results

So, selected KDE SoC projects are out, and i have to say that personally i'm somewhat disappointed.

Personally i think we've done bad decisions in leaving proven KDE people with sensible projects out, while betting for too many non-proven newbies.

Besides that, the IRC meeting had, in my opinion, too much power over the final outcome, and people like me or David that could not attend it, saw how their mentored projects got dismissed when probably if we had been there that would not have happened so easily.

But well, that huge power of the IRC meeting is also probably due to Google's webpage sucking when you have to rate over 250 applications.

So life's hard, nothing to see here, keep moving.


Benoit Jacob said...

I've not taken part in this year's SoC so I haven't followed things closely but the first thing I did seeing the list of accepted project was: "Ctrl+F pino" and ... WTF it isn't here?! Well I know he will go on contributing whatsoever but I think that a SoC would have been a well deserved reward in his case. As an outsider, my only conclusion is that KDE made a pragmatic decision, but not a very nice one.

kyle said...

As a newbie myself that kind of hurts. But what can I say, my application was rejected :P. Nonetheless, it's too bad that was the case. KDE needs every little bit of help to make it better and it's sad that things may have gotten in the way.

jospoortvliet said...

Isn't bringing in new developers the idea of the Summer of Code?

Benoit Jacob said...

Jos: you are right, the SoC is about bringing new developers. So if there was a firm rule that we just don't accept long-term contributors as students, that'd be fine with me. What puzzles me is that this year we actually have _many_ long term contributors as students ... but pino gets rejected. That just doesn't make any sense, it's irrational.

But yes, in my _ideal_ world we would only take newcomers as students (and not call them "newbies" :P).