Monday, May 12, 2008

KDE and strigi analyzers

If you are compiling kde strigi analyzers and installing them into a different path where strigi is installed on, you should be aware that strigi won't find your kde analyzers unless you instruct it to.

Let's say your strigi is in /usr, so it is looking for plugins in /usr/lib/strigi and your kde is in /home/kdesvn/installed/ so the KDE strigi analyzers are on /home/kdesvn/installed/lib/strigi.

You should define the environment variable STRIGI_PLUGIN_PATH to /home/kdesvn/installed/lib/strigi:/usr/lib/strigi

That in case you use strigi 0.5.9 that supports more than one path to be defined in STRIGI_PLUGIN_PATH, in case you are using 0.5.7 like Ubuntu users, you are out of luck as STRIGI_PLUGIN_PATH can only be one path, so you might want to define STRIGI_PLUGIN_PATH to /home/kdesvn/installed/lib/strigi and then go there and create symbolic links from all the ones in /usr/lib/strigi.

Anyway if you are using Ubuntu strigi your analyzers won't work because what seems to be a packaging bug.

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