Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bug your distro to package OpenJPEG

The new poppler major version that will come out in a month or so, sports a new JPEG2000 decoder based in OpenJPEG that is better than the current one, for example, it renders Google scanned docs, that is good. Yay! The problem is that actually not much distros package OpenJPEG (i could only find Debian), so go to your distro bug tracker and bug them to include OpenJPEG.

And BTW:


Romanujan said...

Not only Debian - Gentoo also provides an ebuild - look here. It is marked unstable on x86 and amd64, but (interesting) it is already stable on some other architectures :)

Bernhard said...

indirectly it's also available on opensuse...see here

Anonymous said...

Yay, Mandriva 2008 Spring also has it in repositories.

Anonymous said...

Fedora has openjpeg too!

$ yum search openjpeg
Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
============================== Matched: openjpeg ===============================
openjpeg.x86_64 : OpenJPEG command line tools
openjpeg-devel.i386 : Development files for openjpeg
openjpeg-devel.x86_64 : Development files for openjpeg
openjpeg-libs.i386 : JPEG 2000 codec library
openjpeg-libs.x86_64 : JPEG 2000 codec library

sandsmark said...

ArchLinux (the one and awesome) also has it in it's repos.
What distros did you check? =p

Torko said...

Bug added to Ubuntu Launchpad :)

Anonymous said...

LOL@torko :)