Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Poppler 0.9.0 (0.10 Beta 1) released

Available from

WARNING: This is a unstable release, it is actually 0.10 Beta 1 release, it should work like any release from the 0.8 branch, but do not blame us if it makes LHC destroy the world.

Differences with 0.8 branch:
  * Initial JavaScript support
  * Annotation improvements
  * Improvements in the Arthur based renderer
  * Improvements in the Cairo based renderer
  * Added a JPEG2000 decoder based on OpenJPEG
  * Small fixes in ActualText implementation
  * Fix jpeg rendering when not using the libjpeg based decoder
  * Movie fixes
  * Do not get out of memory on documents that specify huge fonts
  * Emulate Adobe Reader on documents with duplicate keys in Dictionaries
  * Forms improvements  

 Qt4 frontend:
  * Annotation improvements
  * Forms improvements
  * Add the possibility of extracting embedded fonts
  * Initial Movie support
  * Documentation improvements
  * Small improvements in the PS exporter

 glib frontend:
  * Annotation improvements
  * Attachment fixes

  * updated man pages
  * Added -listenc to pdfinfo and pdftotext

Testing, patches and bug reports welcome.


Flavio said...

When oh when poppler will honour hinting fontconfig settings?

here's the bug: 87230

Albert Astals Cid said...

There's no bug 87230.

Flavio said...

Sorry i was looking into Lauchpad. Thought that poppler was using it. Here it is:

Albert Astals Cid said...

No obviously we don't use launchpad, using a non free software tool to track the issues of free software is a very bad idea in my opinion.

And well and are so poorly described, specially 9862 that suggests a gconf setting :D that i've never cared much about them.

Also i like how fonts render, so it's not an itch to scratch for me.

As always:
* Patches accepted
* We'll eventually get to fix that if someone from the poppler team feels it's more important that other things we have to do/fix

Flavio said...

Albert, sorry to bother you. I'm just a user, bear with me. I'm just highlighting a significant problem with poppler. Try to be helpful as a dev, as I'm trying to be helpful as a user. Or is user input on problems completely worthless?

Albert Astals Cid said...

User input is always welcome.

But that's all.

For you honoring fontconfig hinting is a critical poppler bug.

For me it's a very minor issue compared to crashes like the one i just fixed (

All i am saying is that it will eventually get fixed when i think it's prioritary enough or when someone else does it.

If you felt insulted by the "gconf setting" sentence, well, if you are a user, you should only describe the problems, not teach us developers how to fix them.