Saturday, November 15, 2008

Don't buy a Labtec Standard Keyboard Plus

So my keyboard broke, the current one lasted for about two years, not bad.

As i'm quite special about the layout of keyboards i ended up buying a Labtec Standard Keyboard Plus, that is basically a cheap keyboard with the standard layout, but after having used it for less than 24 hours i've to say, DO NOT BUY it.

The keyboard has probably been tested by the slowest typer on earth, if i try to write KDE i always end up with KE or KD, the keyboard is unable to detect fast keypresses of SHIFT + D + E and that happens with a lot of combinations. What a shame, so let's see how i can explain that to the clerk of the shop to get my money back.


Anonymous said...

I can recommend the logitech wave wired keyboard. pro - its comfortable and solid.
con - the layout needs some getting used to, collects dust, some multimedia keys dont work (yet).
its the best keyboard ive used.

Gizzmo said...

A colleague has a wireless keyboard and typing "ya" results in "ctrl-a".
Very funny - he wrote an email three times until he found out that the word "yast" at the end of the mail always cleared the whole typed text ;)

Ian Malcolm said...

Hola Albert.
Acabo de leer tus desventuras con los teclados.
En mi empresa tengo unos cuantos teclados Dell Nuevos procedentes de una partida de servidores Dell que me da pena tirarlos y que estan sin usar.
Si quieres te puedo regalar 1 o 2.

El modelo es este:

Como programador te puedo decir que son muy comodos pero me ocupan espacio y no se que hacer con ellos, ya que con que tenga 1 o 2 de reserva ya me es suficiente.

Albert Astals Cid said...

Thanks Ian but i'm used to the spanish layout, so english layout is not of use for me either.

Ian Malcolm said...

Son teclados en español.
La foto la he tomado prestada de google.

Albert Astals Cid said...

Ian, entonces estoy interesado, seguimos la conversación por correo?

RainCT said...

I have the same Dell keyboard and it is indeed very comfortable.