Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Every bug report is important

Yesterday a user reported KTuberling being unable to save. Imposible! - i said, as i had tested that feature, but further investigation revealed that KTuberling was indeed unable to save files with non ascii characters, that made me create a simple regular expression i executed all over KDE code and found similar bugs in kmahjongg, parley, kross, kgpg, digikam and krita. So never underestimate the power of a bug report!


Unknown said...

thanks dude!

Anonymous said...

Time for a Krazy check, maybe? :)

Any idea why this particular "bug" was so widespread? Was it something that was necessary in KDE3 but not in KDE4, or slightly unclear API docs, or ... ?

Albert Astals Cid said...

Yeah well, a krazy check might be a good idea, but my regexp gives quite a lot of false positives, it was just easier to scrap them visually than to improve the regexp. Besides at the moment should not be any easyly catchable problem more, we would need a more intelligent checker and krazy checkers are sadly not so advanced at the moment.

About the bug, well, it was not THAT widespread, and i don't know what can originate them, it was not needed in KDE3 and the docs specially indicate that QFile::encodeName is only needed if you want to pass it to system functions like fopen, etc. Maybe the problem was simply copy&paste