Friday, May 29, 2009

A day in scam land

So i'm looking for two tickets for FIB now that tickets are sold out.

One goes to google and finds three announcements on craigslist, price is okaish so you contact the posters ... and all you get are scammers.

The first one says "please provide me this details asap so i can start this transaction asap through craigslist they will contact you", a mention to craigslist itself, this must be safe for sure, but then you go to craigslist and see a page that explicitly says that they don't handle transactions at all. The announcer does not answer back once i point her to this page.

The second and third announcements end up being from the same mail address, interesting as one announcement is from Barcelona and the other from London, one asks 400€ and other 380£. The poster says he is not able to meet me and Barcelona and neither an hypothetic friend of mine in London because "he works all day" (though answers my mails in 5 minutes). I ask him to post pictures of the tickets with a newspaper of today or the very same mail i just send and he just sends pictures of the tickets themselves. More over he says we'll do the transaction via "Ebay and Square Trade". If you look at Square Trade, they are not a transaction company at all either, seems someone is using their name to scam gullible people.

So basically it seems that yeah, the prices they were selling the tickets were "too low" and are just a honey pot to scam people.

I hate how the world is full of people that don't any respect for others at all. Meh :-/

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