Friday, January 01, 2010

My top 10 blog posts of 2009

Here the top 10 of blog entries visited in 2009 in my blog:
10 - Morocoo Trip
9 - NetworkManager settings not shared/specified?
8 - pdftk frontend for KDE
7 - How to get Konsole 4.2 to behave?
6 - Consistency
5 - Performance of radeon free drivers
4 - Okular, PDF and file permissions
3 - Is the X11 engine slower than raster just because of the drivers?
2 - Poppler for windows
1 - keyboard crazyness

One can extract several interesting things from this list:
- Last year i did not make interesting blogs, 5 out of 10 (including 1 and 2) are from either 2006 or 2007 (but not from 2008 :D)
- People really want a pdftk frontend for KDE since my 2007 post of my no longer existant project is visited frequently
- People want to use poppler in windows, strange that all those users almost never sent patches to the project, seems like windows culture is not so much about collaborating but about just using.
- My Morocco trip summary is liked by google, it's linked in the first page of results usually
- There are 5 blog entries that already where in the top 10 of last year


J said...

Not everybody is a software developer. In fact, only a small number of people who use computers are capable of writing software for them. If you expect the community to be nothing but developers, then you will have a small community. Plain old users count. Of course, why should I expect different from the OSS folks, who have such a warped view of reality it's no wonder Linux has less than 1% marketshare on the desktop.

Albert Astals Cid said...

@J: I don't understand your comment at all, what does it have to do with my blog post?

J said...

It was referring to your complaint about the people who want poppler on Windows but who aren't producing any code.

Albert Astals Cid said...

@J: Well, poppler is a library, i can't really imagine users that are not developers, but maybe they exist yes.

Anonymous said...

Another observation; complaining blogs didn't make it either; none of your many blogs that just talk about problems you had with libs or programs seem to not really be read that well.

My suggestion for 2010; work on the writing style and the content to be much more constructive and less putting down of others work.


Albert Astals Cid said...

@Anon: So you complain that i complain? And also in an anonymous way? And BTW this is *my* blog and i talk about what i like not about what people want to read. Also i don't remember putting down other people work and or being non constructive in *my* blog. Can you point to any of them?

Anonymous said...

Same anon; no, not complaining about your blog at all; just saying its a good improvement point.

Many of your blogs could do with a language update; just the 2 blogs before this one are already full of improvement points :)

I mean; try not starting a blog with "I'm starting to get fed up of lusers".

Also a blog that points out how inconsistent Windows is is really nothing but complaining.

A real low point was;

I don't want to attack you, I guess you are a good guy although I don't know you personally. I just want to point out that your blog readership might just go up quite a bit if you work on the language and topics here.

Albert Astals Cid said...

As said, my blog is *my* blog and i post about what i want.

That said, i do RESPECT people that respect me, but lusers don't respect me so i won't have any special consideration against them, but anyway you read the post wrong, it was not about lusers but about encouraging people to do the right thing like Jochen Trumpf.

The windows consistency post was a curiosity that came to my mind while working, it got out of bounds because people like to troll on every bit they read on the internet, not my fault. And BTW this is a contraargument fail since this post is on the top 10 ;-)

And the Qt for S60 is so true it isn't funny, not supporting unicode in filenames when Symbian does is so sad the only reason i can understand there is a official Qt release with that feture is Nokia pushing A LOT for it, because i as a developer would argue against it.

Anonymous said...

You wrote; "but anyway you read the post wrong".
That's exactly my point! You blame me now for reading it wrong while my point was that your writing makes it very very easy to read it wrong.
Please take a look at yourself first.

The S60 post was sad for most of the same reason and even more so since you are complaining there about alpha software. It was not even released as beta and you complain about something like that. Yes, its sad that the feature was not there.
But its really sad that you feel its ok to put that on planet-kde and make it sound like the work of others is trash even before they release a beta version of that software.

Its not about facts or things being true or not, its about how you treat people.

Albert Astals Cid said...

/me looks at himself, seems a beard that should be shaved

Now seriusly, there is people that will always take the bad side of words, there's nothing you can make against that.

The S60 port was in a time that the final release wasn't made but it was already confirmed that UTF support wouldn't make it, so made no sense. If you are a Qt S60 developer, no harm was meant for you, it's the directors that should be blamed. The post tried to be some prodding to change that and not make themselves look bad, they didn't react, bad luck for them.

And don't tell me i treat people wrong, because i'm answering you in a civilized manner when i don't have a reason to (since you are hiding under the anonymosity) and because simply it is not true.

Now, this is the end of the discussion in this channel, further posts in this blog will be removed, if you want to continue discussing how much an evil being i am, you can for sure find my e-mail or find me on IRC to continue our chat.