Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meego Conference goers advice

I won't be attending the Meego Conference but i've been living in Dublin for 11 months so there is one advice i can give you.

Make sure you come with the correct clothes.
The weather forecast for the coming days is:
* Temperatures between 0 and 10ºC
* Heavy wind
* Rain
So bring a good coat (if possible water proof-ish and with hood), a scarf or similar and a hat/cap/something for your head.

I hope the Aviva Stadium was really cheap otherwise i don't understand why someone would like to have a conference here at this time of the year :D

Update: Remember that Ireland uses a different power socket than mainland Europe


Anonymous said...

Good point about the power sockets... I always forget that, so I have three converters now. I'll bring them all.


Anonymous said...

about power socket .. just put something like a match or a pen into the hole where ground is. It will open the two holes with actual power and then you can fit the european plug inside. :P