Saturday, February 05, 2011

Dublin Airport Terminal 2 fail

Today is the first day my Aer Lingus flight to Barcelona leaves from new shiny Dublin Airport Terminal 2 instead of Terminal 1 and it really shows it is new and has some rough edges.
* Aer Lingus self checking machines are not able to read most passports, thus almost everyone has to queue on the check-in desks
* Security clearance trays get stuck in the ramp that is supposed to get them back to the beginning of the queue (can't believe no one tested this)
* VIP lounge WiFi has only http access

All those three things worked perfectly on Terminal 1 :-/

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Anonymous said...


Well, life is now worse in terminal One; the security lines are now longer with only two lanes open - this evening it took me 30 min to get through security. So much for the 'improved customer experience.' I wish Cityjet would have moved to T2.

But surely the new DAA lounge is nicer than the Anna Livia Lounge (probably the worst airport lounge ever).