Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Updating the N950 firmware

I just got a N950 like probably some other KDE contributors will be getting this week. Thanks Nokia!

I am writing this blog to bring two things into your attention:
* The firmware shipped is not the last one, you might want to download the new one.
* Updating the firmware failed for me with a "USB interface: Device or resource busy" error

To fix this problem I needed to run
while true; do modprobe -r cdc_phonet; done
in a separate terminal and then it all worked (note it takes around 20 minutes to update, be patient) (kudos to google for showing me the answer in an obscure irc log)


leinir said...

You may even find that you have to find a windows machine to perform the upgrade. That is, i (and at least one other person on the harmattan irc channel) ended up having to do it that way.

You may also find that you're able to avoid doing so - seems that you can update it from an exopc with meego installed, and as there's likely to be a few of those floating around with the readers of this blog, that might be an option too :)

PiggZ said...

the other solution, which i used, was to remove the module, and then add it to the blacklist to stop it reloading.

JR said...

I so very much wanted a commercially sold N950, but it seems Nokia didn't want my money...

Ivan Čukić said...

I guess you could have just blacklisted the module in question. Did you try that?

David Faure said...

This link has a cleaner solution indeed, blackinglisting the module.