Monday, April 16, 2012

Reminder: KDE 4.9 is at the corner!

May 3: KDE 4.9 Soft Feature Freeze
May 17: KDE 4.9 Hard Feature Freeze
May 24: KDE 4.9 Beta 1 Tagging

Which means 1 month to Hard Feature Freeze.


Nece228 said...

I'm wondering is there gonna be KDE 4.10, because QT 5 is already in development?

Albert Astals Cid said...

We'll burn that bridge when we get to it. But I think the general feeling is that yes, we'll have a KDE 4.10

himanshu said...

hey, i want to ask about the project 'tile rendering in page view'. please do suggest me!! thank you. :)