Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Call for distros: Patch cups for better internationalization

If you're reading this and use cups to print (almost certainly you do if you're on Linux), you may want to contact your distribution and ask them to add this patch.

It adds translation support for a few keyword found in some printers PPD files. The CUPS upstream project has rejected with not much reason other than "PPD is old", without really taking into account it's really the only way you can get access to some advanced printer features (see comments in the same thread)

Anyhow they're free to not want that code upstream but i really think all distros should add it since it's very simple and improves the usability for some users.


KAMiKAZOW said...

Apple… Same reason macOS Mojave won't install on pre-2012 MacBooks: Because they're old.

Keith Z-G said...

Yeah, sadly just Apple being Apple.