Thursday, August 09, 2018

PSA: Use SASL in konversation

You probably have seen that Freenode has been getting lots of spam lately.

To protect against that some channels have activated a flag that only allows authenticated users to enter the channel.

If you're using the regular "nickserv" authentication way as I was doing, the authentication happens in parallel to entering the channels and you'll probably be rejected from joining some.

What you want is use SASL, that is a "new IRC" protocol that will first authenticate and then join the server/channels.

More info at

Thanks Fuchs on #kde-devel for enlightening me :)

And of course, I'm going to Akademy ;)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, I'm famous!

jokes aside and a minor sidenote: we spell ourselves freenode, with a lower case f.

On the spam: we are currently working on better means that do block it whilst not invading user privacy, so we hope that soon enough the registered only flag won't be needed any more.