Friday, October 28, 2022

The KDE Qt5 Patch Collection has been rebased on top of Qt 5.15.7



Commercial release announcement: 

OpenSource release announcement:


As usual I want to personally extend my gratitude to the Commercial users of Qt for beta testing Qt 5.15.7 for the rest of us.


The Commercial Qt 5.15.7 release introduced one bug that has later been fixed. Thanks to that, our Patchset Collection has been able to incorporate the revert for bug [1]  and the Free Software users will never be affected by it!


Oded said...

That is definitely good to hear, but will you take the opportunity to update the neon packages to actually say it's version is 5.15.7? Because the current packages - that have been delivering 5.15.6 for a while now, are still labeled as 5.15.5...

Albert Astals Cid said...

I have no involvement in KDE Neon packaging, you're reporting the issue to the wrong person and in the wrong place.

Oded said...

I reported that issue last week ( but as there was not activity and I don't know who is and isn't related to Neon packaging, I'm just pinging people talking about the KDE Qt patch set.

Apologies, and if you can point me at the person to talk to - that would be appreciated.

Albert Astals Cid said...

From my limited knowledge about how Neon works, that seems the proper place to report it and there's the right people CC'ed on the bug