Thursday, April 20, 2017

Okular 1.1 released!

Today KDE Applications 17.04 was released.

It includes Okular 1.1, it contains a nice set of features:
* Add annotation resize functionality
* Add support for auto-calculation of form contents via JavaScript
* Allow to rotate the page view using two-finger pinches on a touchscreen
* Change pages in presentation mode by swiping on touch screen
* Added support for Links that change the Optional Content visibility status
* Allow to disable automatic search while typing
* Allow to create bookmarks from the Table Of Contents

This release was brought to you by Albert Astals Cid, Oliver Sander, Luigi Toscano, Martin T. H. Sandsmark, Tobias Deiminger, Antonio Rojas, Burkhard Lück, Christoph Feck, Elvis Angelaccio, Gilbert Assaf, Heiko Becker, Hrvoje Senjan, Marco Scarpetta, Miklós Máté, Pino Toscano, Yuri Chornoivan.


Blue Lightning said...

Okular is a great application that I use all the time. Thanks to you and everyone who contributed! :)

Anonymous said...

What about advanced printing options? I know it's not directly related to the Okular, but in the Okular the issue is the most annoying... Any information about that?

Albert Astals Cid said...

Printing needs some work, but after years of users being overly aggressive (not you, but many others) and unkind over how printing was not up to par, i have decided that I'm not interested at looking at printing issues in my spare time unless it's me that is suffering from the problem, and so far it works for me.