Saturday, August 27, 2005

Akademy day 1 talks

Novell Desktop
Not too good IMHO, it was a user oriented talk given to a hacker audience, moreover the slides told that evolution was *better* than kontact :-S At least they use kopete :-)

Another not so good talk for a KDE conference IMHO, it was mostly oriented to problems related with netsharing, etc. Very few KDE things related, just how they got to choose over gnome and not much more.

Ubuntu and Kubuntu
That was a really misleading title, as there was nothing Ubunti and Kubuntu related. What Mark did was talk about kollaboration successes in things like Wikipedia and things he is trying to do to create that kind of kollaboration on Distro and upstream related things (bugs, translations, etc)

Never seen NX in action before, but in a word, it's WONDERFUL! I see why Kurt is pushing to have a free-as-in-speech NX client

And more... We have all been invited to a party on the behalf of Novell, THANKS!!

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